[RMX] beta Test

Hello Tim,

I found another little issue:
the color label should imo only affect the base glyph, if i set no suffix and want that certain glyph be transformed as well. Now, if i try to generate e.g. Small Caps, set the suffix and then a color label, the base glyph will get that color as well. That is a bit disturbing, as they do already are colored in a certain workflow.

thank you, really great to test the tools, tim

Why does the screen go away after clicking one of the buttons? It should work as it does in FLS where you can click on each possible action in succession and choose which works best. As it is now, you have to undo, then go back to the menu and choose RMXagain, then select again. By that time,you have lost the image of the first attempt in your mind and cannot compare.

Tim, RMX Scaler always crashes glyphs when trying to open it on a font with more than two masters on one axis (eg. light- reg- bold)

Edit: Also it would be useful if it was able to extrapolate. (I can’t seem to be able to generate dnom/numr figures for my bold master)


That crach should be fixed now. I need to add proper support for fonts with three masters, though.

Are you sure you extrapolation does not work for you? I cannot reproduce this problem here. Generatig smaller versions of bold glyphs works for me as expected. Could you send me a file? That’s tim@[you know the domain]. Thanks!


I was not aware that the preview functionality was so important for users. I’ve had a few request now so I’ll add it to the Glyphs version asap.

Tim, I don’t think you got my mail. I uploaded the file here: http://www.2shared.com/file/U2-_RnMA/Test_Font-No_Extrapolation.html? as well

Thanks, Tim! Preview function is very important to me. The changes that Harmonizer makes are very subtle so I need to compare the variations.

I’ve found a new issue in RMX Tuner.
It acts on the whole layer. IT would be more consistent and practical it to act on the selected path(s) only. Of course no selection = acts on all the paths.


New bug found : applying a RMX filter on a path on the background crashes the App

Jan: I can’t reproduce that here. Which tool were you using?

RMX Scaler crashes Glyphs for me every time. Anyone else seeing this? File has two masters.

Hmmm… could you send me your .glyphs file (only a handful of glyphs if you want) so I can try to reproduce it? Tim at remix-tools com. Thanks.


@Tim : maybe the crash was fixed in Glyphs.
By the way I’ve found with RMX Scaler, if you don’t select “preview”, no transformation is done on target glyphs (with suffix .sc)

@ Tim: the beta seems to have expired, but on your site there is no possibility to purchase a (proper) version. now the workflow is disabled by getting an error message.

+1 for the expired beta


A new version was just released. So go to the website and download the new version.

Thank you, this works.

Version 4 is not recognized as the current version by the updater. I have version 4 installed and it still asks me to update every time I start Glyphs.

Did you really installed the right version, as it works for me.