[RMX] Font Remix Tools for Glyphs public beta

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the first public beta of RMX for Glyphs!

For more information and download, see http://remix-tools.com/glyphsapp


great, thanks for sharing!

just struggling sometimes with the “undo” function

is there a “RMX Slanter” to be developed for glyphsapp? i would appreciate it.

There is a slanter build in the RMX Tuner and another one in the Transformations Filter. In the Transformations Filter select Transform. Then choose Cusify in the last row. You have to set the standard stems in the Font Info.

And I look into the undo problem.

I think if the RMX Harmonizer does not do anything (which is the desired behaviour if there is nothing to harmonize) then it does not set an undo. Maybe this is what you experienced? When I was using it, I was unsure whether this is ideal, or whether it would be better to always set an udo step even if nothing is harmonized.

so great Tim and Georg!

Many many thanks from my side as well. I hope we can support your testings.
For it being beta, i allready found a little issue. (Shall we open a new thead or is it OK here?)

I just tested the Tuner on some glyphs and realized that it deletes the (top) anchor from the
lowercase y. I can redo this, but no problems for sample test with A, a, E, e, …

@georg: the slanter in Transformations Filter does not recalculate the extremepoints - i’ll try out RMX Tuner.

@tim: the Harmoniser did make some changes on my vectors (the length of my tangents weren’t the best). so the Harmoniser did his job, but the effect was not "undo"able afterwards (but this happens sometimes, sometimes she undo-funtion works). i’m working with the layers for shape-backups right now :slight_smile:

The automatic recalulation of the extrem points is only possible for a small angle (< 3°)
If you like to make a italic font, just keep the angled handles.

Thanks, Tim! Will there be an upgrade/cross-grade path for those of us who purchased RMX tools for FontLab when you release the final version?

yes, having the proper RMX Slanter in Glyphs would be good. It’s on the to-do list. The undo problem you describe looks like a bug. I’ll look into it.

thanks for reporting. This is a bug and needs to be fixed.

Chris (Dezcom),
have not yet decided that, to be honest.

Wonderful product. It’s really amazing.

Ready for some brutal feedback? The price of the product is equal to the price of the full version of Glyphs. Just on principal I’m not sure if I’d buy any product add-on that costs as much as the parent product.

Not trying to be obnoxious.

That’s a simplistic principle for looking at the cost. Me, if an add-on saves time, I can equate that to money (as I value my time), and do a quick ROI calculation to determine whether it is worth it or not.

Do you have a timeframe for RMX Slanter for Glyphs?


Maybe in the old days. I’m not even sure then. Note now that Glyphs and Glyphs Mini are in the app store. Software is, or already has, gone the way of professional photography in terms of drastically lowered pricing. I used to pay up to $2K for photos for a project. Now do you know what photos that would work as well? Literally $5.

Glyphs is basically a consumer product by its inclusion in the app store. There’s Glyphs at >1/2 the price of FL. There’s Glyphs Mini at 1/12 of FL. Sure they might not do the same job to the granular level of FL (I’m not one to judge) but does FCP at 1/2 the price of just a few months ago do the same job as its predecessor? No, it doesn’t. It’s competed against it’s older self and lost out to a consumer ethic. I think the old days of higher priced software is coming to a close. I speak as a buyer of $$,$$$ of software between myself and my professional jobs as a designer.

I assume you are you referring to the price of RMX for FontLab? That’s likely to be lower for the Glyphs version.

I don’t have a schedule for the Scaler yet, I am afraid.

Yes, in my ignorance (no sarcasm) I thought it would be. Looking forward to purchasing at a lower price point for Glyphs.

Undo works for me. But I have severe issues with a 4 masters font.

Hello, discovered new bug :
applying the RMX Tuner filter on a glyph (the C in my case) I lost the diacritics anchor, and can’t set it back with cmd+u (“set anchors”)

Glyphs crashes systematically if I try run RMX Scaler on /j/ glyph and his one is made by the dotlessj component only. the strange thing, if /J/ contains the same dotlessj component RMX scaler/glyphs do not crash.

I have a feature improvement here:
when creating , for instance, smallcaps with RMX Scaler if my original glyphs use dynamic sidebearings the, the generated glyphs keep them, so as 1st “update metrics” everything moves, especially if I set some sidebearings adjustment.
I think a option to expand/release the dynamic sidebearings on generated glyphs would be very useful.
Or to add the suffix to the dynamic sidebearings value too.
for instance if my Dcaron has left sidebearing H and right sidebearing O, the generated dcaron.sc should have left sidebearing h.sc and so on.
I think an efficent workflow have to be found here.