RMX Monospacer hijacks shortcut

Sometimes, when I hit cmd-shift-m, instead of toggling metrics in edit view, RMX Monospacer pops up. I never defined that shortcut. After a few restarts it goes back to normal. @TimAhrens is that a known bug? It’s hard to reproduce I guess.

RMX does not define a shortcut for the Monospacer. So, yes this is weird but there is not much I can do about it. The whole shortcut system in Glyphs seems to have been a bit unreliable for a while.

That is on my list. But at least part of it is with the undocumented API in macOS that is used to assign the shortcuts.

I see, I thought because it’s cmd-shift-M for Monospacer, it might have been hardcoded and forgotten somewhere.

Speaking of, for Variable Font Preview I actually have predefined a shortcut according to the plugin api (in this case ctrl+opt+cmd+v). This is a pattern I use for many of my plugins, and it works for all almost of them. However, this particular one stopped working somewhere down the early G3 times, and I could never make it work again. When I hit it, there is nothing else triggered. I cannot find any conflicts in the shortcuts preferences, and I can also not see my plugins in the shortcut preferences. This has bugging me ever since.