(RMX) New version of Scaler keeps crashing Glyphs

Hi! This is my first time in the forum and I’m having problems with the beta 22 of the RMX tools. Every time I use the scaler, glyphs crashes, it didn’t happen with the previous version of the tool, and I’m wondering if this is happening to anyone else? I’m using Glyphs 2.1(767), thank you very much in advance.

Try updating to the latest version of G2.1, which is Build 777.

Hi Rodrigo and George, thanks for your posts.

In beta 22 and 23, there were a number of crashes related to some strange bahaviour by the Apple compiler (which I am still puzzled about).

Anyway, I managed to fix them in the latest beta 24:
Oh, and don’t forget to restart Glyphs!

If you still experience crashes with beta 24 then please let me know.

Thank you very much Tim! I don’t want to sound like a crazy fan, but I really like your work!

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