RMX not initialized when there is no internet connection

Is anyone else with these specs not able to get the RMX Tuner, Scaler, etc?

M1 MacBook Pro
Glyphs 3116–3120
MacOS 12.1
RMX 1.1.13 for Glyphs 3

My console logs:
Error loading Plugin: RMX.glyphsFilter (data parameter is nil)

Last week (same specs) I could get it running for one session by reinstalling the plugin, but today it doesn’t work anymore.

I still have tha manually installed version of the plugin. Is this now distributed through the plugin manager instead? I can’t check, as I have no internet at the moment.

I found the cause: when Glyph is launched without internet connection, the RMX tools fail to load. This is really not good. Currently I always have to use my phone as a hotspot to get interent and my mac immedieately pulls hundreds of MB when I do so. (dropbox etc turned off).
Is there a way to fix this soonish? thanks in advance.
@TimAhrens @GeorgSeifert

Sorry, a fix is in the works. Stay tuned!


Thank you so much for the swift reply and fix :smiley: Sorry for bothering you.

Just published the update, which should fix the issue.

If you have a licence, get the latest version at:


That was fast! :rocket: Thank you so much, Tim!