[RMX] Remix Tools not working

I’m trying to use RMX Tuner specifically, but many of the other remix actions aren’t working or giving strange results if they do. Ive tried everything I can think of - The masters are compatible. I’m working with three masters but tried stripping out a master and all but a single glyph and still I cant get it to work? Is there anything I may have overlooked / things to double check?

Many thanks

Which versions of the tools and of Glyphs are you using?

Glyphs - Version 2.3 (895)

RMV - Version 1.01

Cannot reproduce. Tuner works as expected for me. Did you set your stem values?

Hello HAND, would it be possible to send me the .glyphs file? You may want to remove some glyphs (all but one) before if you prefer not to share the whole font.

My mistake guys, I had errors in my stem values! Its always the most obvious solution.

Thanks again though.

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