Rmx Scaler adjust one master only?

Hi, anyone knoows a way to apply RMX Scaler to adjust just one master (I have two masters, the small caps in the bold one is already crated, I just need to generate them again for a light master), is it possible?

@TimAhrens, do you have any tips on that?


In don’t think I understand the question. Just change one master, and not the other…? Or are they not compatible anymore? Regenerate with the caps?

I designed a very bold version, the first idea wasn’t make more weights. But than, I decided to make a lighter version. All the small caps from the bold version is done with the adjusts needed. I want to create a lighter version of the small caps, but if I use RMX, it changes automatically the small caps for all masters, that’s my problem.

I can create a duplicate of the file and make a lot of copy pastes, but I’d like something smarter. =)

To use RMX, you could make an extra bold master from the small caps by scaling them to cap height. Then you can extrapolate to the light.

Not sure if I understand what you’ve said, but I have all the caps designed for the lighter version, I just need to normally scale them without making changes at the bold master.

I think I understand what you mean.

You have manually designed bold small caps and want to auto-generate the light small caps without re-generating (and deleting the manual work for) the bold master.

I have had this request before but unfortunately, it is not possible yet. I still have it at the back of my mind, though.

For now, I suggest you
• quickly create a temporary duplicate of the .glyphs file
• then auto-generate the small caps via RMX there,
• and then copy only the light master for these glyphs into the main .glyphs file

Hope this helps!

[Edit: Oops, I just saw you had come up with that solution yourself. But it is not “a lot of” copy and paste, is it?]

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I haven’t thought on importing the master, that is better, I thought on copy paste glyph by glyph. Your solution is better. Thank you very much =)