RMX Scaler and Brace Trick

Hi @TimAhrens,
when I use RMX Scaler on masters that use the brace/bracket trick, those layers are reset whenever I apply the transformations.

Are there any plans to make it so that the brace/bracket is also transformed?

The RMX Tuner works fine on a layer by layer basis though.

I make separate glyphs as a workaround.

Currently, the RMX Scaler respects brace layers as input but it discards them when creating derived glyphs. My plan is to add brace layers to derived glyphs but it is not a trivial task.

In order to preserve the information in the brace layer, ideally, the brace layer should be scaled without weight compensation (only the anisotropical aspect to be precise) and the change its brace coordinate(s).

On the other hand, if the brace layer is identical to an instance then it might make more sense to leave its coordinates and re-create it by RMXing. The benefit would be fewer rounding errors and a WYSIWYG layer.

As an additional option, RMX cold even create brace layers for each instance but this is a bit unelegant if there are many instances. Plus, the user might change the instance coordinates after RMXing the glyphs.

So, I hope you understand that for now, I am simply removing the brace layers. I will hopefully be able to provide an elegant and powerful solution at some point.

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Definitely understand it. It just took me some time and head shaking to realize this was the case.

Thanks for the answer!