RMX Scaler as custom parameter on a exported instance

I wonder if it’s possibe to do something like Font > Exports >Custom Parameters > Filter > “RMXScaler; width:90” — seeing that RMX Harmonizer allows entering “RMXHarmonizer;harmonize” et c.

Anybody had luck making RMX Scaler work as an instance custom parameter?

Thank you.

This idea has popped up a few years ago. The problem is (was?) that a custom filter cannot “see” more than the instance it is working on. If the custom filter could access the (multiple master) source then that would open some interesting possibilities like scaling glyphs or even adding glyphs that were not in the source font at all.

Maybe the Glyphs crew has some update on this?

That is currently not possible with Filters.

There is a API that could be used to build something like this. As a plugin, you can register the GSPrepareLayerCallback and implement - (BOOL)processLayer:(GSLayer *)layer extraHandles:(NSMutableArray *)extraHandles error:(out NSError **)error that is called for the each original layer before the interpolation.