RMX Scaler crashes – Clear stored values


Suddenly, Scaler crashes Glyphs every time I run Clear stored values.

Also, it crashes when I try to scale ex. li-cy, when a Generate from checkbox is selected by default. This crash happens only on certain glyphs.

It has been happening since yesterday and I can’t overcome this.


Thanks for reporting this. I did some research and as it turned out, the problem was a banal one: I had used an old-fashioned dialog command to ask the user whether they really want to clear the values. Nothing to do with the glyph data.

The problem should already be fixed in the current version (beta 21, published on June 17).

If you still experience this crash then please let me know.

Hej Tim,

I am having troubles too using the Scaler. All versions are up to date and RMX have been working fine until recently… All seems to be working out until I hit the “Scale” Button, than Glyphs crashes…

Any ideas or hints?
And great tool btw… I even own a FL license :wink:

did you send a crash report (the one that comes up when you restart the app) and add your name and a small note?

I did sent the crash report, a couple of times even, yet I haven’t add my name to it. But will do now! Expect a report the next minutes…