[RMX] Scaler loses corner components

If I use the RMX Scaler on a glyph with corner components, they get lost.

I will check this.

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Same here. Is there a way to prevent this? @TimAhrens

Ludwig, could you send me a .glyphs file?


Thanks for the file, Ludwig.

The problem is fixed in today’s update (version 1.1.5):

Note that, if you use the RMX Scaler to create small caps, if you have corresponding suffixed .sc corner glyphs in the font, they will be switched automatically. This can be handy if you want to manually adjust the small cap serifs without too much effort.


Thanks Tim. And the switching to corners.sc is indeed very handy.

This is terrific; could the same functionality could be added for the .c2sc suffix?

[Edited to add: that is, if .c2sc glyphs (e.g. one.c2sc, ampersand.c2sc ) would use .sc corners and caps.]