[RMX] Scaler problem


I’m having problems using [RMX] Scaler. I’m changing the Width and Height but nothing happens when I preview nor when I click OK button. The Adjust Spacing and Vertical Shift works fine. I have added vertical and horizontal Stems data in the Font Info and tried with 2 and 3 masters, same results. My masters are interpolating perfectly.

Any ideas?
Thank you

Did you select something?

If you don’t mind you can send me the font file (maybe just a few characters) so I can have a look. See email contact on http://remix-tools.com/about

Yes I did. I selected the lining figures, asked RMX to create numerators based on them. It did, but with the very same size (width and height) of the LF (no composite involved). It is only changing the vertical shift and spacing.

Also, in FontLab I can change the stems weights, but not in Glyphs.

In the current version, it seems to stop working after the first run (certainly so after running it on many glyphs). Everything stops listening. The only reliable solution is to restart Glyphs every time you want to run Scaler. And since the saved settings often fail to load, it’s better to write it down elsewhere.

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