[RMX] Scaler with components

Hi Tim, thanks for the beta version of the RMX tools, they are very helpful.

I’ve tried the scaler to generate small caps. The glyphs which were made out of components haven’t been scaled to the size of the small caps. Does that work only if the glyphs are decomposed?

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The Components are not effected. But is easy to fix. select the glyphs and goto Layer > Make Component Glyph. This rebuilds the glyphs with the proper components.

but this would only work for proper component glyphs wholly made from components?
if you have a component as e.g. O and a free form as e.g. the Q-tail, the O will be effected by the scaler, the tail not. if you say make component glyph then, nothing happens.

The scaler can only scale outlines. If you glyph is made from components it tries to move the components it necessary.

But you would need to duplicate, scale and manually relink your special components.

that’s the way i’ll go :slight_smile:

thank you, georg

Wouldn’t it be an interesting idea if you could apply filters dynamically to components?
Something like this
components = (
name = acute;
transform = “{1, 0, 0, 1, 182, 274}”;
filter = {
RMXScaler = {weight: 50, height: 70, …}

And the filter would be applied on runtime (maybe cached if it’s a filter which takes a long time to generate)


Not sure what exactly you have in mind but I believe this is a concept that would require a special API from Georg’s side. Sounds interesting, though! I have been thinking about “dynamic” or “virtual” glyphs for a while.

Yes, I needs support on the Glyphs side obviously. I think I could compare it to Photoshop’s smart filters, where you can change or remove a filter after it was applied.

There is support for filters on export. For now only the round corner filter supports this. It allows to have all letters with sharp corners and round them on export.

Hi all - I’ve run into a similar issue as first introduced on this thread, but more specifically with corner components.

Is it possible for Scalar to scale corner components as well as standard paths?

Currently, scalar only moves/scales the underlying paths without modifying the corner components - in the screenshot below the first 9 is full-size and the second one is what Scalar produces without first expanding the corners in the source glyph. The third one is the desired outcome but currently requires corner components to be decomposed before Scalar is applied.

I’m guessing this is all due to the fact that corner components aren’t read/interpreted in the same order of opperations as other tasks, but for modular fonts with repeating corner components, it would be helpful to be able to use Scalar without first decomposing all source glyphs.

So as much as this is a question, it’s also a feature request for any future development plans for Glyphs & RMX tools.


@TimAhrens small bump to this topic, sorry :wink: Decomposing corner components when working with RMX Scaler would be an immense help, as you currently have to decompose all corners in the source layers (and this is not possible For All Masters in Glyphs…). Any chance of baking this into a future update? Thanks a lot!

Interesting issue. If a change is made, it should be optional–there are also use cases where you’d want the corners unscaled.