RMX Tool saved settings not loaded

Hi everybody!

I’m using the RMX scaler on a two-master project to generate small caps but the interface keeps resetting the values each time I do a transformation, so if I have to get back to the original glyphs or apply these settings to other characters, I can only rely on “copy parameters”.
If I try to undo the Scaler trasformation on the 4 or 5 glyphs I scaled, it won’t transform it back. Instead, it will keep the new scaled shapes without storing values to update this transformation. Any solution to the problem?
Thanks in advance!

Edit: also, when I apply a spacing transformation, the glyphs will change their sidebearings but not rearrange inside the text view, so I’m left with no clue of how they behave inside a word. Is there a fix for this? (I’m not working with components or fixed spacing and I still experience this)


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Solved: apparently the only problem was that the option “Generate from source” was greyed out in this file, possibly because I had a non-exporting third Master.

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