RMX Tools compatible?

Dear Glyphs developers,
I want to start making the bold face from my regular soon. I think I need the RMX Tools. I use Glyphs 3.04 and my Mac Mini is System 10.13.6. Is the current RMX extension compatible?
Thanx, Titus

The RMX Tools are compatible with Glyphs 3. From the product page:

Note: the current version of the Font Remix Tools is compatible with Glyphs 2 and Glyphs 3.
Font Remix Tools for Glyphs - buy

By the way, the latest release of Glyphs is 3.1.2. Any reason why you are still using 3.0.4?

It’s not a specific reason. Is version 3.1.2 working good with OS 10.13.6?
Thanx, Titus

Yes, Glyphs 3.1.2 runs on macOS 10.13.6.