Rmx Tools crushed in G3

RMX Tools are used the latest version. Glyphs3 also used the latest version. I use macos 10.12.

Run RMX Tools, select any of the operations, Glyphs3 crashes.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version of Glyphs (3.0.3-3067)? Activate it in Preferences > Updates > Show Cutting edge versions.

I did what you said. I repeat the operation again - still Glyphs closes.

I will add. If I start RMX Tools Tuner, it shows this error.
That is, not even the ui window appears.

Are you sure you have the latest RMX plugin?

I actually downloaded the latest version earlier. now I did it again. and it worked!
Thank you, Georg. You ask the right questions! Glyphs the best!