RMX Tools don't work

Hello, I bought the RMX tools. The Harmonizer works fine but the Tuner and Scaler not. For both: Change width works but change weight not. Previev doesn’t work eighter.

What is your master setup?

The regular is Width: 400, Weight: 100. Bold is Width: 400, Weight: 500.

So your first axis is the width axis? Try putting weight first. Why do you have a width axis if it only has one value?

Oke, I wil try.
Change the weight in a bold glyph is working only when I first change the weight by hand.

Also: Does this problem occur only in Glyphs 3.2 beta, or also in the latest stable version (Glyphs 3.1)?

Titus, which version of Glyphs are you using?

The weight axis should be correctly identified by RMX in any case (I believe only in one of the early Glyphs 3 versions this was not the case).

In case he is using Glyphs 2 then the width value is obligatory, isn’t it?

My suspicion is that Titus has two masters with different nominal weight values but they have identical shapes, i.e. duplicated a master and then assigned a different weight value. RMX can’t do this kind of auto-boldening (or lightening). The nerdy programmer’s view would be that if two masters with different weight have the same shape by design then not changing the shape is the correct behaviour.

Hello, I’m using version 3.1.2

Remove the Width axis.

No, it’s not working yet. Only when I make a glyph bold by hand first, The scaler or tuner works.

Your suspicion is right.