RMX Tools Plugin Installation Help

Hi Everyone

I am trying to install the RMX tools plugin by Tim Ahrens but after double clicking the download and restarting Glyphs it still doesn’t appear in the Filter menu.

I can see it is in the user/library/application support/glyphs/plugins folder but i still cant get it to work…

I am using Glyphs Version 1.2.6 and am on Mac OS 10.5.8

Any help/suggestions would be great

Many thanks,

The tools are made for version 1.3 and later. We can’t make them backwards compatible with version 1.2.6.

Thanks for the quick reply George

On the remix tools website it said “This RMX version works with Glyphs 1.2 or later.” so I assumed it should have worked. No worries then


Hi Anth,

sorry, I just fixed the information about the minimum requirements on the RMX site.