RMX Tools window behind Glyphs window

When I’m in full screen mode and invoke the RMX Tools, they are rarely visible because they are behind the current window. Is there are way of making RMX tools window infront?

I’m still struggling with this.

I’ve never seen this happen with RMX.

Miles, are you in full screen mode?

yes, full screen.

I’m still struggling with this. :crazy_face:

Works for me. What version of RMX do you have?

I have version 1.1.14 G3

And what version of macOS and Glyphs?

ventura 13.2.1
Glyphs 3.1.2 (3151)

When in Glyphs in full screen mode, I invoke RMXTools for the fist time, Glyphs exits full screen mode and shows the desktop. I then go back to Glyphs and the RMXTools window is present and useable. The next time I invoke RMXTools all is fine, and it appears ok, until I exit full screen mode. then going back to full screen mode the same thing is repeated.

I tried it in Ventura and it seems to work for me.