[RMX] Version 1.0 beta 02

Hi all,

RMX for Glyphs version beta 02 is out: http://remix-tools.com/glyphsapp

I have fixed some (but not all) of the bugs you reported, and plan to implement some of the requested features in the next few weeks. Thanks for all your feedback so far.

Below you can find my current list of known bugs and feature requests so we are all on the same page.


[bug #0001 - fixed] RMX Harmonizer: “smooth corners” lead to funny behaviour
[bug #0002 - known] RMX Scaler: Colour is applied to source glyph
[bug #0003 - fixed, needs more testing] RMX Scaler: incorrect handling of components
[bug #0004 - fixed, needs more testing] RMX Scaler: incorrect handling of anchors
[bug #0005 - fixed] RMX Scaler: crashes with three masters (also see feature #0005)
[bug #0006 - known] RMX Scaler/Tuner: weight axis index not always determined correctly
[bug #0007 - known] tools require pressing esc twice to close dialog
[bug #0008 - unconfirmed] RMX Scaler: extrapolation does not seem to work

[feature #0000 - done] add automatic notification of updates
[feature #0001 - todo] add full auto-updater
[feature #0002 - todo] RMX Slanter: add this tool
[feature #0003 - todo] RMX Monospacer: add this tool
[feature #0004 - todo] RMX Harmonizer: add preview
[feature #0005 - todo] RMX Scaler: allow switching the visible master (for preview)
[feature #0006 - todo] RMX Scaler/Tuner: support multiple masters on one axis
[feature #0007 - todo] RMX Scaler: hard-enable “scale sidebearings”, remove checkbox
[feature #0008 - todo] RMX Scaler: automatically replace the links to components like in FL
[feature #0009 - todo] RMX Scaler: automatically update dynamic sidebearings to the scaled counterparts

thank you, tim!