RMX version 1.0 beta 18

Version 1.0 beta 18 is out now:

This release also includes the first version of the RMX Monospacer.

Any feedback is welcome here in this forum or via email.

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Not sure if this is a Glyphs2 beta issue or a RMX issue, but the auto-notification of a new version on app startup had dummy text in the dialog.

Craig, you mean the notification of the new version while you were running v 17? I only added proper support for the Glyphs 2 updater in v 18. Hope it all works properly from the next update on.

Yes. Wish I had screenshotted it, but it said something like PLUGIN NAME, PLUGIN VERSION instead of RMX. Since I’d seen on the forum that this had just been updated, I went ahead and confirmed update figuring it was referring to RMX and sure enough it led me to the RMX download.

I think Craig is refering to this:

The current beta somehow does not work with my Glyphs (Version 1.4.5) anymore, e.g. the Harmonizer Menu does appear, but it has no effect on the outline.

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Thanks, arialcrime, I think both problems should be fixed in the latest version (18c), which I just uploaded a few minutes ago:

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I tried letting Glyphs 2 signal the update availability for the 18c update (to test whether the dialog text is fixed), but it’s not detected.

The updater does not detect sub-versions. I can control this by settting the new number on my server and thought most users would’t want to be hassled with overly frequent updates.

So, you can see whether the update alert works properly when the next version (v 19) is out.

Testing the updater is not so easy for me either since Glyphs 2 does not seems to check every time it is started. Only once per day, maybe.