RMX version 1.0 beta 19

Version 1.0 beta 19 is out now:

You might already have been notified via the updater mechanism. Is it working fine for everone now? No more funny dialogs? Sorry if this is a stupid question but when is the dialog supposed to pop up? I cannot produce this here at all, only via Preferences > Addons, which does not give me a pop-up.

I’m getting two panels: the Glyphs Update notification and one with the greeking text in it. The Glyphs Update panel is in front.

Hi, When I run the update Glyphs 1 opens instead of V2. I was going to just add manually but there doesn’t seem to be a Glyphs plugins folder in the path show by the updater (…/Library/Application Support/). Any work around, other than uninstalling Glyphs1?

You might try dragging and dropping the plugin to the Glyphs 2 icon in the dock as a workaround.

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Of course! Yes, that worked. Thank you.

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Or in the Finder info of the plugin, select ‘Always open with…’, and then, choose Glyphs 2.

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RMX Tuner doesn’t work with German Localization‽

Sorry, that dialog was a bug (well, obviously…).

Should be fixed in the latest update (19a).

All right, thank you. Obviously I somehow forgot to install the 19a after downloading …
Is there a way to find out which version a have installed?

Friedrich, you can find out which version of RMX you have by looking at the file info for RMX.glyphsFilter in the Plugins folder (use Cmd-Shift-Y from Glyphs for quick access).

This does not show the sub-version such as 19a, though. Maybe I should use only full numbers to avoid this confusion.

You can just try to check for update in Preferences > Addons > Plugins. If it shows an update you didn’t install it properly.