Robofab CurrentFont

here’s a problem with:

from import CurrentFont
print CurrentFont()

it spits out none. but there is one. for my script i need:


on my mavericks machine the whole script is working, but here on my 10.7.5 it is not. do you have any clues what i can do?


do you have installed robofab correctly? It has to be in this folder: /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages

In glyphs you can always use:


yes, it is installed there. i checked that before posting here. other scripts using robofab work without any problems. that’s really weird.

since this script is a collaboration and built to work also in a certain other font editor, i’d like to work with the robofab CurrentFont, if possible.

Any further clues? Thanks for the Glyphs.font.familyName, though

And do you have installed the file from github?

yes. it just lives in the glyphs scripts folder (in my case in a subfolder »schriftgestalt«

anything i missed with that?

Have you tried to put it directly in the Scripts folder?

yes. still not working. but hey, since the other version (the glyphs.font…) works, i’ll go with that.

any other clues, though?
i have a bunch of scripts on the robofab basis and i don’t want to rewrite them completely (for compatibility reasons), since they work on my mavericks. so to resume what i can see so far for my 10.7.5:

robofab is correctly installed in the python 2.6 (as you wrote above – could this be a problem, that it maybe refers to the 2.7)

other scripts that use robofab work, as long as they don’t use any CurrentFont snippets (like trying to access font info etc) is freshly downloaded and put into the scripts folder on the first level

thanks again!

how is it on other 10.7 machines? do you still got one for testing?

It has to be in the 2.6 folder.

What version of roboFab do you have?

it is there. version 1.2.1
(accordig to print robofab.version)

I have the same issue.