Robofont plugins can work in Glyphs?

Hi guys, Since I’m moving to use glyphs exclusively, I would like to know if there is a way to immigrate my existing custom plug-ins made for Robofont and use them in Glyphs. Thanks a lot.

Glyphs and Robofont don’t share the same API, so if your plugins use Robofont API, they will not work in Glyphs.

You can check Glyph API here :

Some plugins have a Robofont and Glyphs. Or you might find a plugin that has similar functionality. Have a look at the plugin manager.

And a lot features that need plugins in RF are included already.

All that considered, is there something that you’re still missing?

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Hi, what plugins in Robofont are you looking to use in Glyphs? If there is something you can’t find in the (very vast) range of plugins that already exist in Glyphs, please point it out. Porting (open source) plugins or scripts from Robofont to Glyphs is, depending on the scope, usually not too much of a problem, it just takes time.

Thanks, Yes. I have some custom tools that were built especially for my needs. is anyone here available to make it work in Glyphs? It will be a paid assignment of course. Thanks a lot.