Rotate from point snapping

Is it possible to rotate from a point, and not just kind of on a point as I currently do by zooming in, i.e. like in Illustrator, “Snap to Point” allows you to rotate from the point.

Check out the Paths > Rotate around anchor script:

I’ve followed the installation instructions but the vanilla dependant scripts don’t work?

(i know vanilla is on my system since I have used other programs that require vanilla)


I posted renewed installation instructions two days ago. Try those.

If the problem persists, can you paste the error message you get?

I just tried those instructions, there’s no error message, it’s just that nothing happens.

Open Window > Macro, please. What is reported there when you run the script?

Ah, it can’t find Vanilla:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Rotate around”, line 6, in
ImportError: No module named vanilla

Run these commands in Terminal:

cd /Library/Python/
sudo rsync -aE 2.7/site-packages/* 2.6/site-packages/

Then, try again.

still can’t find Vanilla, I wonder if this has to do with how I previously installed Vanilla, python etc?

Glyphs needs Vanilla to be installed for Python 2.6. Perhaps you want to go through the steps described in the readme to re-install it.

I managed to find where Python was installing on my system which was here:


instead of


I copied Vanilla into the latter and it worked!

Maybe of use to other users with difficulties with Vanilla. Thanks for your help.