Rotate transformation as export custom parameter

Is there a way to rotate glyphs on export, like there is for slanting (filter parameter)?

It is. Check the random rotate by @mekkablue. Just remove the random range as a start.

thx for that! I’ll check it out right away…

You’re welcome. If it is too much for you (I don’t know about your code experience) then I got way a simpler version based on the new SDK laying around somewhere. It’s already just taking a rotation degree and nothing else… Just let me know.

I’m not really into coding, so if you’d have something you’d share, I’d be more than happy to use that :slight_smile: (29.5 KB)

Unzip this and put the Rotator.glyphsFilter into your GlyphsApp Plugins folder. It is set to 25 degrees. I wrote it quickly without a user Interface. So to change the degrees: Open the file in a Text Editor like Sublime Text or Text Wrangler, chase the file, search for angle = -25 at line 59 and change it to your needs.

Hope this helps. Sorry for it being non-UI :slight_smile:

Thx, much appreciate this!!

This is already possible with build in transform filter. Open the Transformation filter, select the first tab, set up the slant and origin (e.g. ½ x-hight). Then click the gear button in the lower left and copy the custom parameter. Insert that in the instance.

But that is doing slant / cursify, not rotation (as requested). Or am I missing something?

No, you are right. I misread that.

@Mark is there a version of this plug in that works in osx catalina? I recently updated and noticed, that this plug in doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

same goes for the show node count plugin that I use at all times :scream:

I’m afraid I don’t even remember that I uploaded it here back in the days.
Currently I got no time to deal with it unfortunately. Maybe you can look into it and check what causes the unoperability of it?

It is most likely due to the required notarization in Catalina. Use the built-in Transform fiter instead.

Yes, it definitely has to do with the notarization that Catalina introduced. I guess, if it were in the official plug in library and were installed via plug in manager, this wouldn’t happen. (30.7 KB) (20.6 KB)

unfortunately Transform won’t do, what rotator does…