Round ALL Corners instead of Only Outside Corners

If I select a bunch of glyphs with the cursor then run Filter > ‘Round Corners’, Glyphs App only rounds the outside corners:

I have to go in and select all points then I can run ‘Round Corners’ to round all the corners:

Short of going through every glyph and selecting every contour then runnin the ‘Round Corner’ command, is there a quicker way to do this?

I am also using this function, but as a custom parameter in some instances, and I have the same issue, and it would be very cool if I could get it to round all the corners.

From the Handbook:

If Radius is positive, it is applied to outwards pointing corners; if it is negative, it is applied to inwards pointing corners. Add multiple RoundCorner custom parameter filters to control both.

But, it appears that you currently cannot set a negative value from the dialog window, only from the custom parameters. That should be fixed (or, offer a menu in the dialog: Outside Corners, Inside Corners, Both).


It works (and looks awesome!). Thanks Florian.

I changed it that you can add negative values in the Round Corner dialog.


Thank you!