roundCoordinates() doesn't round all coordinates

	l = Glyph.layers[f.masters[Master].id]
	c = copy.copy(l)

This doesn’t seem to work in all cases. I’m getting coordinates like this after using roundCoordinates() with Grid Spacing and Subdivision set to 1.
d, 396, 156
d, 396, 700
d, 332, 0
d, 421, 0
d, 314, 372
d, 314, 83.003100000000003

can you send me the file?

sent it

It will only set positions if there is a difference bigger then a 1/100 of a unit. So the 3/1000 are ignored. As the coordinates are only exported with a precision of 1/100 units, this should not matter.

It matters because the function returns a float and not an integer.

It will always return a float.