Rounded corner with height and width

I‘m kind of sure I had something like that, but can‘t find it anywhere — a script/plugin that lets you round corner with independent height and width values, so the corners are 1/4 of an ellipse instead of a circle. Anybody knows of something like that? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are you using the same rounding on different glyphs? You might like to use corner components.

I would, but It‘s for an existing typeface. Manually adding corner components sounds like a lot of work, compared to using a filter.

Depends. What do the existing paths look like?

Basically a regular grotesque with straight terminals, nothing fancy. I‘m aware I would have to tweak here and there, but being able to round rectangulars like that would work 90% of the time I think.

Can you post screenshot of before and intended after?

Something like this:

Try a Cap component.

That means lots of manual work again. Is there no script to do what I described in the first post? Maybe I’m confusing it with other software…

Nah. It’s not a lot of work. You select the two dots of the stroke endings where you want the rounding and add the cap. Plus, you can change the rounding later.

You could do that with a script. Find two adjacent points with a certain distance and add the cap to it.

And the filter couldn’t be applied to the whole font as it would add rounding to all corners. Copy pasting cap components is quite fast.

Okay, I will try to manage it with cap components. Thanks for the suggenstions. Meanwhile I found this for RoboFont, I guess nobody has translated it for Glyphs yet? It doesn’t do exactly what I want, but the roundness feature is very handy and you can even make chopped corners with it.