Rounded Font not working as Custom Parameter

I’m trying to use the Rounded Font filter as a custom parameter (I like the results better than RoundCorner). I added “Filter > RoundedFont;” to a instance but nothing happens when the font is exported. I have stems set in Font Info > Masters. the filter works when run on a single glyph or a selection of glyphs.
Version 2.5b (1089)

You need to add a default corner size: RoundedFont;XX;

That didn’t work for me.

Possible you can’t see it in the Font Info preview. What about the exported font?

The exported font is unchanged. I even tried it on a test font with a single glyph.

Do you still have this problem? If so, could you please send me the .glyphs file?


I can’t get this to work either.
Glyphs 3.0.5 (3112)

I have tried with and without stem value. The ‘Rounded’ version is exactly the same as the ‘Regular’.

customParameters = (
name = Filter;
value = "RoundedFont;20;";

Just tried again and works for me in 3.0.5 (3112). Are the stems in your letters really 20 units thin?

No, they are not.

But when I set the vertical stem in the Master settings to 20, and click Filter>Rounded Font, I get the result I want: a rounding on outer corners but not inner.

Does this have to do with that I misunderstand the purpose of the filter?

I tried setting the Filter parameter to 100, and it does indeed make many parts circular. But way more than the slight rounding I was looking for.

I have the feeling you are confusing Rounded Font with Round Corners. Or I do not understand what you mean with ‘outer corners’ and ‘slight rounding’.

Rounded Font is supposed to find strokes and round their endings, like this:

Got it, thanks.

Here is the reason I like to use Rounded Font for a purpose where I am meant to use Round Corner:

As you can see, the Round Corner filter rounds corners indiscriminately, while Rounded Font only affects the outer corners, i e corners less than 180°.

Still odd that manually applying the filter gives a different result than doing it with a parameter.

The Rounded Corners filter in UI is rounding all selected nodes when run from the UI (and only outside corners if you have no selection).
The export filter is not doing that. It will round only outside corners. If you need them too, you need to add another parameter with a negative radius.

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Just want to add that being able to control the rounding on black and white corners on Export with just a couple of custom parameters is a fabulous feature. So much better than rounding manually.

I had just followed this tutorial last week and was really impressed how easy it was.