Rounded stem endings and alignment zones

I’m not sure what is the best way to deal with the rounded vertical stem endings. Like option A or B on my screenshot?

That depends on your design intention. I’d optically align it with whatever you want the optical baseline/cap height to be.

Since this detail will get lost in small sizes anyway, you needn’t worry about zones in terms of hinting performance anyway.

Tldr: I’d do it somewhere between the two options you showed.

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The round part needs to extend over a little so when next to a flat top or bottom character it won’t look too short.


The “Round Font” filter will add a little overshoot automatically.

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Thank you to all who replied. I still haven’t made all the necessary design choices yet. But this information was also useful.

@bychenko Sasha, just in case, that’s what @George_Thomas is talking about:

The rounded stroke diameter is also important. That is, in a bolder weight, the stroke will have a bigger diameter, so the overshot may be slightly differ. And how much differ – here only your eyes decide.

It’s easier to see when judging your shape in the context of other shapes, at a smaller size, such as in the Preview area.


That’s a pretty clear explanation, thank you, Michael.