RoundedCorners doesn't work with minus

Hi there.

I have used the “export filters” to get the rounded corners effect i needed. But when I wanted to export to variable I can’t use the “export filters”. So I made the corners from the filter menu.
But I can’t use minus (inner) values on this, like I did when I had the “export filters”?

Does anyone know why?

You can add a Round Corner Filter to a Variable Font Setting. The only problem is that you can only have one radius for all masters. I’ll see if that could improved.

The question is more why it’s not possible to use negative values on the filter available from the filter menu when editing. Did I understand the question correctly?

Yeah I know, that’s why I tried to do it manually. But it would be super cool if you could add that possibility!

Actually you were both right :slight_smile:
The question was as you point out SCarewe, but ideally it would be great to have the option GeorgSeifert points out :slight_smile:


Thanks. I don’t know what the $round*2 means?
But I was not able to use minus to get the inner, when I use the filter menu. Does that make sense?

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 14.47.39

This is the filter I used before where I have the minus, to get the inner rounded.

I just implemented those two things. Will be in the next update.

Sounds perfect! Thanks.

When I use the rounded filter for variable font export I get this error, which I can’t seem to fix. Do you know why?

This probably has to do with the radius being bigger than the path segment the rounding is applied, too. So it creates some outside corners.

Can you send me the file?

Okay. I have sent you the file:) thanks

You set the radius to 1 unit. That is too small. It needs to place two handles in this small space. And when those segments are covered to TrueType, it will be a mess.

But even with bigger values, it is tricky to produce compatible results in all cases. I’m looking into this.

Yeah sorry the value 1 was to test if there were fewer conflics. The actual value should be 8 outside and -5 inside. But The issue remains unchanged.

Is there anything i Can do? cause when I export to static font-files it works like a charm.

You can’t do much. I’ll have to fix this.

I didn’t realize rounding filters worked at all for variable fonts, this is welcome news - I could close a 6 year old issue if you got the negative rounding working :slight_smile:

Master compatibility may be hard where overlapping shapes exist… Ø for example, when there’s a width axis…