Rounding Corners - Inner and Outer

Is there planned support for specifying different values for both the inner and outer corner when rounding them, similar to the app roundingUFO?

You can currently do that only in the custom parameter, by specifying a negative rounding value in the Value string.

if you don’t select anything, it will only pick up outer corners. Then select the inner corners and round them.

Excellent, thank you both!

I should note that when doing this via custom parameter, the preview that it renders is significantly off from what the generated font looks like, which may be a bug (or I may be doing something wrong).

Edit: turns out I WAS doing something wrong :flushed: – I had some messed up path directions.

I prefer the other method - to do them all at once automatically and then spot-correct as needed, e.g.

Filter GlyphsFilterRoundCorner; 30; 1
Filter GlyphsFilterRoundCorner; -35; 1

The problem with those is that if you work with UFO they get lost in other programs. It would be fantastic if these could be done with a slider bar / live preview.

What does the ufo have to do with the sliders? There is a difference between applying the filters manually and applying them at export time.

I don’t like sliders and need a lot convincing to add them ;).

Then, either work with .glyphs files, or write a script that selects the appropriate corners so you can apply the rounding afterwards.

Thanks, @mekkablue – I have now spent a few days with the Glyphs ecosystem and have find that I agree about using .glyphs files. I was hesitant at first because I was used to UFO, but it’s easy to export. I am going to start poking around the Glyphs API :smile:

Thanks again both! And woohoo, a 2.0 manual today.