Rounding Points and BCPs to the Integer

I really like the ability to paste vector paths from illustrator…I sometimes draw in Illustrator and it is nice to have a font editor that respects that. My question is this: Since .otfs round points to the nearest integer, why does Glyphs preserve sub-point coordinates? When I use FontLab (for example) it rounds all points to integers…this helps me catch any distortion that may have happened when the path was pasted and it helps me draw knowing that I am drawing points precisely where they will be in the .otf.

The rounding is an option because sometimes it helps avoid rounding errors.

The setting for the “grid” (fonts use a grid of 1 unit) can be set in the font info.

There are very few operations that do not respect the grid setting. This is considered a bug.

If it happens, just select all nodes (cmd-A) and move it on unit to the left and on back with the cursor keys. This will apply the rounding.