Rsb of dcaron/lcaron

Is there a current consensus on how to set right sidebearings of the letters that use caroncomb.alt? Do y’all just disable the auto alignment and space it manually? (I remember long ago there was some hacky way of prefixing the components so the advance widths of components would be added together, but is anybody still doing that?)

What I’ve seen in quite a few fonts (from high profile foundries) is that they leave the SB as in /d (so it’s negative) and positive kern the clashes. There aren’t that many, but that depends on the design of course.

Ideally, keep the accent above the x-height, set the negative side bearing and kern things that are above the x-height.

When you use anchors, the sidebearing if the caron is ignored. I would not use that old hack with the underscore.

You can add a metric key to the auto aligned glyphs: =+20 (or ==+20 if you need different values in different masters).

Or you don’t use anchors. Then the two glyphs are just put next to each other and the spacing will be used.

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Thanks guys.

@GeorgSeifert I see now that somewhere along the way you added the ability to arrow-up and -down in a sidebearing field that has =+20, as I suggested long ago. Awesome, and thanks!

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