RSB or LSB for the autogenerated glyphs

Hi, for Arabic font

how to preserve the value for RSB or LSB for the autogenerated glyphs like (yeh-ar.init, yehHamzaabove-ar.init, theh-ar.init, teh-ar.init) and keep them same as (behDotless-ar.init)?

The LSB value change due to the marks added to character (via auto generation)

can you upload screenshot

Have you tried disabling automatic alignment in the first component of each composite and then appyling metrics keys?

Yes I did and it solved it, but is this how it should be done? I thought there is a way without disabling automatic alignments

Probably not. Iā€™m not sure, I have never worked with Arabic type. It depends on the glyphs, Glyphs has its own rules depending on the glyphs in order to define the width when everything is automatically aligned. Some of these rules are broken, sometimes.

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Ya, this happens when the marks boundaries goes beyond the base glyph that we need to base our metrics on.