Run last script — filter out scripts

Hi! Is there a way to make ‘Run last script’ to ignore certain scripts? This is probably a very specific request, but I use many scripts with shortcuts (‘everyday tools’), so it would be more convenient to reserve opt+cmd+R for those scripts which don’t have shortcuts (‘rarely used scripts’). Often while working with a certain ‘rarely used’ script back and forth, I also hit my ‘everyday scripts’, which means the script needs to be found in the menus again. Maybe we could put such often used scripts into some specifically named folder that would be ignored or something like that?

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Maybe an alternative solution: Did you know that you can select any menu item by pressing “Command-Shift-?”? Start typing the name of the script you want to run, select from the list of matches with the Up/Down arrow keys and press Return to run the action of the selected menu item.

Yeah, I use search, but some scripts require typing longer lines, and it breaks the flow anyway: run the script > undo > do quick fixes often including “everyday scripts” > run the script again with opt+cmd+R… oh no, the script was already replaced, so let’s search it again. :slight_smile:

I can add a custom default setting that if it is set, it will ignore all scripts that are invoked by a keyboard shortcut.


This would be very practical !
I’m used to set Layer Color with Shortcut, and like Alex, sometimes, I would prefer it not to be taken into account in this case.

That would be great! Although, I use external software for shortcuts (more flexibility, syncs across machines), so maybe you could add an option to give it a list of script names to ignore?

What external software is that? How does it work? Maybe I can detect it?

It’s Better Touch Tool. If you can, that would be great!

Can you give me a hint how to add a shortcut? I can’t find it.

Here’s a quick screengrab. It’s indeed a little confusing at first :slight_smile:

I figured it out. The German localization is not very helpful. Switching to English and with your video.

And I found a way to detect it. It is a bit sketchy nice but should work.

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