Run other filter plugin code from within a Reporter plugin

Like in the topic. Is it possible with the code written in python?

I don’t understand what you mean?

Or do you mean something like the LayerGeek plugin?

Ok,sorry, I will be more specific:
I want to create reporter-plugin with contextual menu, where button will call another plugin, filter-plugin. So I need to know how to run this filter-plugin via code. How can achieve it?

Check the Noodler filter from mekkablue. It used some build in filters.

But why should the context menu of a reporter call a filter?


But why should the context menu of a reporter call a filter?

I created plugin, which helps me in making proper spacing by showing a lot of extra information on Measurement Line. User can enable/disable what my plugin shows via the context menu. I’m also working on another filter plugin which is connected with the topic of spacing/Measurement Line. It changes spacing values of the glyphs based on informations shown by the reporter. I just want to make additional button in context menu for turning on this filter plugin.
I still considering if it is good for the plugin or not. But I won’t be sure of it until I try it.

If you write the filter yourself, you should know how to call it. You don’t need to go through the official filter API but just call the relevant function directly.