SALT Feature works incompletely

The following SALT feature codes are automatically generated ;
sub heh-ar.medi by heh-ar.medi.ss01;
sub feh_alefMaksura-ar.fina by feh_alefMaksura-ar.fina.ss01;
sub feh_yeh-ar by feh_yeh-ar.ss01;
sub qaf_alefMaksura-ar.fina by qaf_alefMaksura-ar.fina.ss01;
sub lam_alefMaksura-ar.fina by lam_alefMaksura-ar.fina.ss01;
sub lam_alefMaksura-ar by lam_alefMaksura-ar.ss01;
sub lam_yeh-ar.fina by lam_yeh-ar.fina.ss01;
sub lam_yeh-ar by lam_yeh-ar.ss01;

  1. Could not reproduce in Glyphs window with features Stylestic set 1 / SALT

  1. Testing with Adobe results as the following:

heh-ar.medi.ss01; :smile: works
feh_alefMaksura-ar.fina.ss01; :rage: Does Not Work
sub feh_yeh-ar by feh_yeh-ar.ss01; :rage: Does Not Work
qaf_alefMaksura-ar.fina.ss01; :rage: Does Not Work

lam_alefMaksura-ar.fina.ss01; :smile: works
lam_alefMaksura-ar.ss01; :smile: works
lam_yeh-ar.fina.ss01; :rage: Does Not Work
lam_yeh-ar.ss01;:rage: Does Not Work

The salt feature is only supported by Adobe Illustrator, because it does not support stylistic sets. The autogenerated salt is a mere copy of ss01.

The working of the feature depends also on the order of the features. If the glyphs have been replaced in a previous feature, it will not work in salt anymore.

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