Salt feature

I have more than a few alternate characters. They are organised in stylistic sets, from .ss01 to .ss06.
Glyphs do automaticaly generate “salt” feature but just from my .ss01 set.
Is this a bug? Or a feature?

The automatic salt feature is a workaround for making at least some alternate glyphs accessible in Illustrator. It doesn’t support ssXX features but the salt feature.
If you need something else, you need to write your own code.

Ok, danke, I’ll rewrite it.

I’ve made only a few alternates, but naming them X.salt and so on doesn’t generate the feature code, but if I name those glyphs X.ss01, Y.ss01 and so, then the ss01 and salt feature codes are both generated automatically (as mentioned above).

I don’t have a lot of alternates, and I don’t plan on a second stylistic set, so is it best practice to name all those glyphs with the .ss01 naming, or is it better to use .salt—but again, no code generated, so I guess I’d have to write in?


Some of the Adobe apps only support salt and some only stylistic sets…

Thanks, so i don’t need to worry about using the .salt naming—I can just use .ss01—and that will give me the most coverage in more apps since it generates both codes, correct?


Great. Thanks much for your guys support and answers… really appreciate it.