Same font info for static and variable

I wish I could have the exact same font info for static and variable. At the moment, the only thing that’s keeping me from it is glyphs replacement. In variable it’s using the feature variations (in rlig), in static the export CP rename glyphs. I really wish one could be derived automatically from the other. Ideally something like a font level CP or export option?
I’ve tried using glyph project for static but it’s not ideal.
Ultimately, I think it’s going to make more and more sense to have a unified font info for static and variable.

I don’t quite understand, do you have two separate files? What’s preventing you from using a Variable Font Setting in the Exports tab?

I think what @MalouVerlomme mean is, it could be fantastic to generate rlig code based on some instance CP or vice versa.

Right now, we need to double check all theses things to be sure to export similar static and variable.

Right, thanks @HugoJ
Initially I didn’t think you could have CP + rlig in same file, but it does work fine (since export CP are “canceled” when exporting VF and rlig are #ifdef VARIABLE only…). So all good!
Still if feels like having to manually write twice the same data, but not a big issue.