Same unicode glyph error BUT I checked!

Error states that the font contains glyphs with same unicode but I’ve checked the codes against the list and they are accurate -and I’ve “updated glyph info” – which sometimes will crash the app. I don’t know what else to do to fix this. I copied part of the error below - but the error list out ALL the upper case = lower case component glyphs.
I’m using Version 2.6.5 (1338)

The font contains glyphs with the same Unicode.
Please check the glyphs:
Aacute = aacute
Acircumflex = acircumflex
Adieresis = adieresis
Agrave = agrave
Amacron = amacron
Aogonek = aogone

This is a bug in the latest beta of Glyphs. It creates uppercase letters with both the Unicode values for uppercase AND lowercase. Fix: run the following lines in Macro Window.

for g in Font.glyphs:
	if len(g.unicodes)>1:
		g.unicodes = g.unicodes[:1]

awesome - thank you so much!