Save As

Did anyone notice that in Glyphs version 1.4.2 (554) the Save As option is gone for files created in previous versions of Glyphs? Im working on a font and when I hit save, it does not give me an option to Save As… but just overwrite my existing file. Even the menu changed from “Save…” to “Save”.

The weird thing is that if I create a new file the Save… with Save As option comes back…

Any help? Im used to saving several versions as backups, and now its not possible, unless I rename the font in finder…

Glyphs > Preferences > User Settings > Restore Pre-Lion Saving Behavior

Also, if you press the Option key while selecting the File menu, you’ll see “Save as…” appear (Option-Shift-Command-S should be the key sequence).

Thanks a lot Mekkablue and Composerjk!!! Its good to see Save As… again!