Save changes from existing font doesn't work


I wanted to make a stencil font out of an existing font. When I tried to save it, even with a different name, it recognises it’s this particular font and I can’t install it. It just won’t react. FIY: I just want to use it for personal use to spray this font on some boxes, so I won’t sell or make money from it.


p.s: I kind of found a solution, but it’s not completely satisfying: If I completely delete the original font from my laptop, then export the stencil font from glyphs, it works. But that means I can only have the original font or my stencil version. How can I have both? Also I already tried to change the copyright info in font info to my name, but that didn’t do it.

Change the family name of the stencil or the name of the stencil instance and both it and the normal font should be installable.

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changing the family name let me install both at the same time, I’m still trying to figure out how I can change the name of the typeface. I tried to change it in Font Info but it still is called ExtraFett (ExtraBold, but your name sounds german so I think you’ll understand) and I can only chose between activating “my” ExtraBold or the original ExtraBold.

Maybe I’ll find a solution soon, but do you have an idea how to solve this?


Have you read this:

Where does the font show up as ExtraFett?

In the screenshot you’ve set it to ExtraFett explicitly in Font Info > Exports > Localized style name. :man_shrugging: That’s why I don’t get it. Do you want to call it ExtraFett now, or not?

And remove the Full Name and Font Name settings. You don’t need them.

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What is the family name of the original font you want to make the stencil version for?

Set the original family name as the family name in Font Info > Font. It sounds like you already did that, which works. I’m still confused as to what the actual naming is you want. If the family is called Larsseit, and you want to install the instance “Stencil Extrabold” alongside the original “Extrabold”, all you need to do (apart from what I described above) is: Simply name the instance Stencil Extrabold. Delete all the custom parameters you added, the parameters Font Name and Full Name should only be used if you know exactly what you’re doing (in the screenshot above, you are somewhat mashing up all style and family names in those CPs). Technically, you can write some other family name in the font info and use the Localizd Family Name parameter in the instance to set the preferred family name (set the language to default, not English), but this is just even more confusing and unnecessary.

So, to recap:
Set the family name (Font Info > Font) to Larsseit (if that is the original family name).
Set the instance name to Stencil Extrabold.
Delete all custom parameters in the instance.
Export and install, and preferably use the Adobe Fonts folder, if you’re not doing so already.

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The original font is Larsseit and has a “cut” Extrabold. Now I made a stencil version out of that Extrabold and want to install it, so when I got a text with that font, I can change between Extrabold and StencilExtrabold. I’m trying out what SCarewe told me next to your reply and also what you told me. Keeping you updated, thanks for your answer!

Thank you that worked for me! I just have one more problem but I’m gonna try to solve it. Right now I have one Larsseit which got ExtraBold and “Stencil Extrabold” but no more cuts, then another Larsseit that has all the other cuts. I will delete the whole font, then reinstall it and reinstall the Stencil ExtraBold and see what happens. Thank you!

Hmm, that is odd. How are you installing/uninstalling fonts? Where are you testing them? Having TTF and OTF installations side by side can also cause duplication.

I’m exporting them as OTF and adding them to Font Book.

You need to make sure you don’t have a font cache problem: Eliminating Font Cache Problems | Glyphs

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And macOS translates font names into the language of your system. So switch it to English and see if it persists.