Save state indicator in Monterey

Hello, I recently upgraded to Monterey. So far, mostly so good, one thing I am missing in Glyphs is the indicator of whether the current working file is modified from its last save or currently unchanged. Previously, this was visible with the glyphs file icon being greyed out (unsaved) or solid (saved). I cannot find this in the Monterey version of Glyphs anymore.

Is this intentional? in any case, I would very much like such an indicator for my workflow. Thank you!

You mean the icon in the window title/toolbar. That is drawn by the system and I have no control over it.

(I’m so happy that you at last can permanently show the icon again. This was not possible in Big Sur.)

Yes, correct. Is there any other way of indicating the file save state in Monterey? I really rely on it.

The system uses an “edited” label. But that is only shown, when the versions systems is activated (I strongly suggest to not enable it). I’ll check if I can add this.

The file icon (proxy icon) is no longer dimmed for edited document by the system since Big Sur.

Edited documents show a dot in the red traffic lights button:

Thank you! Incredibly nonsensical, but good to know.

This dot indicates indicated that that the app can be closed quickly (Apple Developer Documentation).