Saved changes not updated upon export


I’m very new to this program, and am attempting to complete my first project. I have read and re-read exporting tutorials and threads, cleared my cache after testing, and have changed the name slightly each iteration.

I cannot seem to export my file to the Adobe Fonts folder-- the same version of the font keeps saving rather than the updated, re-named version. I’m sure it’s something simple, but I can’t figure it out!

Thanks for any assistance.

The first step is to remove all existing versions until Indesign doesn’t show the font any more. You might have have one installed in an unexpected location. To find it, use the ‘Find Fonts…’ dialog and there the ‘Show in Finder’.


I had removed all installed versions before clearing my cache (cleared any/everything from Adobe Fonts folder, InDesign fonts, FontBook, etc.). Should I also remove saved versions from my DropBox? They’re saved versions, not installed.

Shouldn’t matter. What matters: Is the font gone from the font menu?

Font is definitely gone from the font menu.

When you open the exported version into Glyphs, does it have the changes?

And did you restart the Mac after clearing the caches?

When I open up the exported file in Glyphs, the changes are there. When I open up InDesign, the font has the old name, and none of the saved changes are there.

I’ve restarted my Mac after each cache clear.

Then you still have an old installation of the font. Please tell us how you install the font. If you are using the Adobe Fonts folder, restarting the Mac and clearing caches are not necessary (and would not have any effect).

You know these, right?

I have been doing the following:

File/ Export/ OTF OR UFO (I’ve tried both at this point)/ Save (Library–> Application Support–> Adobe–> Fonts)

Not sure where the old font would be installed, but I’ll check all possible programs & folders again.

Can you select the old font in the menu? Type something with it and follow the steps Georg described above (“Show in Finder”).