Saving as UFO2 for Metrics Machine

Hi all,
I want to kern a font with Metrics Machine but it seems Glyphs export UFO3 version, and MM doesn’t support it.

Is there some way to export an UFO2?
If not, there is some way to convert 3 to 2 without Robofont 3?

Here’s something you can try. With the font open as the front most window, open the Macro Panel (Option-Command-M), enter the following line and press Run.

Font.userData["UFOFormat"] = 2

It’s possible that some things that are able to be stored in UFO3 aren’t stored in UFO2, but that might help.


It works fine!


It would be nice if there was an option to choose UFO2 or UFO3 in the export window.

You just need to run this code in the macro panel.