Saving Issues

Hi there, I seem to be having issues saving. I am somehow losing work, not awfully heaps but enough for it to get annoying quite fast. It has happened a few times now, the first two I couldn’t remember exactly if I had definitely without a doubt saved it properly before closing it (though I was fairly sure I had), so I initially lay the blame on myself. Then as I had been working with the file in DropBox I thought that that could have been the problem: working on the file on my iMac then opening my MacBook and it overwriting the wrong file. But yesterday and today I have only had the iMac on all day, and now being more paranoid I know that I did save before exiting (I have also moved it out of DropBox). But the loss is odd as it has remembered what I had typed out after I made changes to the glyphs, but not remembered the actual changes. It is really weird. I have tried ‘save as’ but then as soon as I close it an reopen something gets lost. My MacBook is running Lion and my iMac is still on Snow Leopard, I have barely been working on my laptop but don’t remember losing anything on it, it’s only been the past week that it’s been acting out on my iMac. Tomorrow I am going to try exporting it to UFO or something before I close and see if that solves anything as a temporary solution. But any suggestions as to what could be causing the problem?

What Version of MacOS and Glyphs do you use?

The iMac 10.6.8, MacBook 10.7.2 and Glyphs 1.1 on both. Exporting to UFO seems to work. I’ve been doing a little bit at a time then saving and closing, and so far no loss today.

There was a rare bug with saving. I just prepare a update for the App Store that fixes this.