Saving problem in 3.0.4 (3106)

Hi, in the last version the saving function is unavailable. Whenever I use cmd+s, nothing happens, even from menu, the save or save as function doesn’t work. By that I mean, there is no pop-up window after clicking, or the shortcut. Of course I checked if the save window maybe appears in an another display, but it doesn’t.

I had something maybe related in 3105, where suddenly cmd+s always switched to a tool (can’t remember which one it was, but I think it was not the scale tool). I had to restart Glyphs and it didn’t happen again since then. (That was yesterday.)

There must be something wrong with your system. It works fine for me. Can you restart your mac?
What version of macOS do you use?

I’m using macOs Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559). I did restart my computer immediately after the issue, but did not help then. Now I just checked it without an external display, and it works, but if I connect the computer back to the display, I can’t see the save pop-up. And the even more interesting part is, that after using the computer again without external display, and tryed to save Glyphs just crashed. :confused:

I just reinstalled the Osx and works now, you where right Georg.