SB/Width key stepping to respect grid spacing

When I set the font’s grid spacing to other values, the arrow key stepping in the width and sidebearings only try to increment by 1 or +10, and the input is rejected especially under coarse grid (imagine making pixel font in 100 units grid).

True, I noticed that too, but I was suffering quietly through it until now. Will check.

I have noticed that this applies to kerning too!
[edit] It seems it already does.

Recycling the thread.

I am working on a file that sets the grid spacing to 3. I noticed that there are a few key stroke increments that do not respect the value:

  • Moving off-curve points by arrow keys: it moves two units for some reason. On-curve points move by 3.
  • Metrics increment by arrow keys: always by 1 unit, thus cancelling all the keystrokes but with shift. Basically the issue posted originally.
    Kerning shortcut works in multiples of the grid spacing as expected.